GFClock GFClock, The Clock Solutions

GFClock Yasa Persada introduced as clock solution provider for various kind of CLOCKS and PARTS with the target markets throughout Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Singaphore, China.

You can contact directly to the needs of various types of clock solutions, as follows:

  • Independent clock: indoor clocks and outdoor clocks
  • Bulding Clocks: Office Clock systems, School and University clock system
  • Big Clocks: Tower clock, Park clock, Floral clock, Specialty clocks of analog clock and digital clock
  • Master Clock System: Station Clocks, Airport Clock systems with GPS Clocks or NTP Master Time Server
  • Custom House Clock: Wooden Clock, Grandfather Clock, Cuckoo Clock, Pendulum clock
  • Clock movement and spareparts
  • Clock Restoration and Repair

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